Addiction and Recovery

Signs of Opiate Addiction – The Quiet Cry for Help

There are several types of substances and abuse of those substances. However one that is more common than many might think is the addiction to opiates. Knowing the signs of opiate addiction can make the difference between solving the problem, or letting the problem spiral out of control until it is too late. Yes opiate addiction can result in organ damage and death. So when I say, “waiting until it is too late” you now know what I mean and how serious it really is.

Signs of Opiate addiction:

  • Slow movement, or poor motor skills
  • Nodding off frequently or appearing extremely tired often
  • Slurred speech, much like what is noticeable from someone who has an extreme buzz from alcohol
  • Where drugs like LSD enlarge the pupils, opiates constrict the pupils often to an extreme.

Advanced Opiate Addiction:

In persons who have developed a tolerance for opiates the signs can be harder to detect. Much like a functioning alcoholic, they still are able to perform daily tasks. Also the physical symptoms may not be as noticeable.

A very bad effect of opiate addiction is the increase in usage and dosage that a person may resort to to get the same feeling. This can also become a gateway to other more powerful drugs. Many people start with becoming addicted to pain killers. But as the disease of addiction tightens it’s grip on the individual they may turn to more potent solution. Heroin is a common result of increased addiction to opiates. Many people that turn to heroin started their dark journey by abusing pain killers.

If you have a loved one that you feel is abusing any substance talk to them and let them know your feelings. Most people will be in denial at first if they have problems. They will not believe they have a problem often until it is too late. So it is essential to speak to them and closely monitor their behavior.

There are numerous sources online with more information that go into much more detail than we can here. I would suggest you read some of the various information to learn more about opiate addiction and the physical and mental issues that can result from it.

Learn more about the various signs of opiate addiction by visiting the following opiate information source.